23 Oct
Importance of Rukhwat in a Marathi Wedding

Marathi wedding is a simple and elegant affair as compared to other Indian wedding but Rukhwat is one of the unique and particular customs that elaborate the MarathiMatrimony more unique. Rukhwat is bridal trousseau. It is bridal necessary items which are carrying by the bride after the marriage. 

Rukhwat is items that are displayed by the bride’s family at the wedding day to the groom’s family. The traditional significance of Rukhwat is that these items help the bride to start a new life. The basic reason to start this ritual is that the bride is admired by the in-laws after marriage and it is a gateway for the bride to receive respect and good treat in-laws family.

In a Marathi marriage, once the marriage date is fixed by the priest. Marriage related activities are started and in Rukhwat family members and relatives take part to collect items. It is teamwork and the bride’s mother makes an effort to find appreciate things for her daughter which admires the bride in-laws.

In the “bridal Trousseau” generally one sees — handmade crafts, candle stands, diyas, embroidered cushions, photo frames, exotic planters, paintings, table mats, vases, crochet work, jewelry box, glass and fabric painting, etc. Homemade edible goodies are also packed.

All items are not handmade. Most of the items are collected by the market. Such items are crockery sets, kitchenware, and utensils, crystal glassware, puja items, wall clocks, artificial flowers, linen, etc. Cupboards, kitchen racks, and beds are also including in the Rukhwat.

In the past, it is custom which is very necessary for the bride to start a new life and it also represents the strong financial status of the family, but with the time couples dying this ritual. Sometimes parents also offered liquid cash to the bride as a Rukhwat.

It may come and go, but the significance of it still remains. Today Parents offer Rukhwat in other forms like in the form of Gold or other they desire. 

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