06 Aug
Rituals Observed At Brahmin Indian Wedding

In India, Brahmin Community is known to have the purest and their simple wedding. The Brahmin Matrimony rituals hold the supreme importance throughout the wedding. The union of two individual in a Brahmin wedding has different wedding rituals in different parts of India.  Here we share a list of wedding rituals which are held in all corner of India:

North and West Indian Brahmin Weddings

North and west parts of Indian Brahmin weddings rituals are very similar to each other. In a Hindu wedding, The main and basic step of a wedding is to match the horoscope of the bride and Groom, but the Kundali Milan ritual is slowly going to disappear because of Hindu matrimonial sites. Matrimonial Sites have a feature to match your Kundli with your prospective match. After it, Roka and Mehendi ceremony id followed. Before two or three days, the Haldi ceremony is performed. The main reason for applying Haldi is that it purifies your skin and increase the glow.

At the actual wedding day, Bride and Groom sit in front of the holy fire where they worshiped God. Then the priest chanted the wedding mantras, where the bride and groom take seven rounds against the fire and promise to each other to live together for long life.

South Indian Brahmin Weddings

It is little similar to a north Indian Hindu Matrimony, but some of the wedding rituals make them unique. The wedding starts with the engagement ceremony, also known as Nischaiyahtartham. On the wedding day, the fun ritual is kasha Yatra is performed by the Groom, Where they leave the material world. In between the bride’s father stop the groom and request to marry their daughter. After that the bride and groom, both exchange the garlands. Towards the end, Kanyaadaan and satapadi ritual are followed.

East Indian Brahmin Weddings

The East India Brahmin wedding starts with Adhibas where both families come together to sanctify the bride and groom. Later on, the Aashirvaad Ceremony where both families come together at once a couple of house for the ceremony. On the Wedding day, Couple takes a Ganga Snan and then the couple separately prays to Ganga.

On the wedding day, the bride accessorized with the Red and white color. Both colors signified to purity. Later on, wedding customs are followed.

Final Words: Wedding rituals of all regions can be very with each other, but the spiritually of rituals is same and not change with the modernization.  

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