02 Jul
Why Do Indians Use Matrimony Sites? Surprising Facts Revealed

Indian matrimonial sites are an easy way to arrange marriage matchmaking for Indian peoples. Today these matrimonial sites are used by those people who want to go through the arranged marriage. Most of the Indian marriages are based on the religion or community, so these matrimonial sites also have a religion or community-based portals. More than 80% of marriages are still arranged.

Reason - Why Indians Rely on Matrimony Sites

Nuclear families rely on matrimony sites

Due to the urbanization and change in economic profiles, Indian Families are going through many major changes. The people are detached from the joint families and thereby the end being a nuclear family, but even after getting separated from the roots of the families still, they are living or residing at the same or nearby the place. So they rely on Indian Matrimonial sites for marriage because these sites help the people to find a prospective match from the same community or caste.

Urbanization and greater choice

With the urbanization, a large number of nuclear families move from one place to another place for a better life. This is another thing which has contributed to the growth the matrimonial sites, so the majority of people will find their life partner through matrimonial sites.

Matrimony sites are time machines

As we know that matrimonial sites work on a traditional matchmaking system, so matrimonial sites categories their self on the basis of the religion, community, and caste. Even you also find profession based matrimonial sites.

Commerce has gone online

India is experiencing an Internet boom. Thus the outcome of changing behavior is the increasing growth of e-commerce / online transactions and another website. So the people registered on matrimonial sites instead of finding a life partner with the traditional method.

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