24 Sep
Rituals of Bengali Brahmin Wedding Ceremony

Bengali wedding is full of fun, love and relationship and their arrange marriages are just common as love marriages. Homes are decorated with lights & flowers. Traditional Music, food and people create an incredible combination. Bengali Brahmin Matrimony follows the traditional Hindu rituals, but they add a Bengali twist only.

When the Groom and his family reached wedding venue where the further ceremonies are followed, the bride families welcome the Groom and his family members. The groom is escorted to the mandap. Before starting the rituals bride’s family offers new clothes to groom for change. This ritual is called Potto Bastra. The groom changes the clothes which are presented by Brides’ family.

After that, the garland exchange between the bride and groom is the next ritual in Bengali Matrimonial . It is common rituals in all regions. It is a symbol of acceptance of each other. Followed by the Mala Badal ceremony, Sampradan ceremony is performed. In these rituals, a holy thread is tied between the hands of the bride and groom and not opened until all the wedding is not completed. It is time when the bride is officially handover to the groom and priest recites the mantras.

On the other side, a set up is prepared for Yagna ceremony. The bride is escorted at this prepare set up by the family members. It is a special ceremony in Bengali wedding where the bride prays to God for a happy married life in front of the holy fire. Once the ceremony is completed, the Bride and Groom placed in front of this holy fire for further process. Once the priest recited the mantras bride and groom take seven rounds and make several promises to each other. In Bengali, it is called Saat Paak. It is a symbol of the union of two souls. Like this, the bride is officially hand over the Groom for long life.

After this Anjali is performed where the bride’s brother placed puffed rice, flowers and holy objects in the bride and grooms hands and these things pour in the holy fire. After that, the groom pours a sindoor on the forehead. It is a mark of married women. Delicious food is served to guest. After it, it’s time to say goodbye. The groom is leading ahead and followed by the bride. Now the bride finally says goodbye to the family with teary eyes.

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