08 Jul
Tips to Avoid Fraud on Online Matrimony sites

Find a good life partner is not an easy job. When we think that all door are close to finding a life partner. Then Matrimonial sites are the only hope that promises you to find a unite soulmate. As we know that there are thousands of websites who promise to provide a life partner, but there is no guarantee. 

To avoid any misfortunes, Please keep in mind the following tips:

Via email

First of all email is the primary mode of contact. Try to create a new email id before registered any matrimonial site.

Time and space

A good or genuine matrimonial user will not pressurize another user to share their personal information. They will provide you some personal space and time to interact.

Inconsistent behavior

Sharing personal information is not only the way to know the matrimony person in a good way. So ask frequently enough questions to get all the information which you want to know.

Warning signs

If they hesitate in giving an answer to frequently asked question, it clearly indicates the warning signs. Be aware that matrimonial profile.


Some time, a user registered their matrimonial profile for entertain or for another purpose. If someone enquires your property or bank balance or ask to transfer money, immediate cut off the communication and also inform the website owner for those profiles, so they can take quick hard action.

Never reveal your account information

Don’t share your username and password to another one, so change your password after some time.

Check the site before logging in

To access any trusted profile, correctly type the URL in the browser and beware from the unsafe links.

Do background checks

Before committing the marriage, meet the person personally. If they share their workplace information, visit the workplace with your parents for confirmation.

Safety in public

While meeting personally, it is recommended that you meet in the safe public places and also inform that place to friends or parents also for safety purpose.

Final Words: There are many matrimonial sites in India which deal in India as well as abroad. But make sure safety of that website.

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